Friday, May 17, 2013

My Epidermis is Delicious

I have a macabre fascination with the living dead. Yes. I am talking about zombies. One of my favorite television shows and comics is The Walking Dead.  I don't know what it is about the dead coming back to life and feasting on the living, but I fall for it every time. I've watched virtually every Resident Evil incarnation with the exception of the latest one or two; Seen the old George A. Romero(Godfather of Zombies) films and their remakes i.e. the shark jumping yet terrifying Dawn of the Dead starring Ving Rhames; and, after exploring some other literature to be discussed in a later post, will endeavor to read the sure to be thrilling World War Z novel.  I'd say I have zombie on the brain, but that seems like tempting the devil.

I know I'm not unique in my fascination with zombies. I will venture to say that I am probably unique in that I pursue this passion being completely terrified of zombies.

When I was a wee kinderling I was obsessed with scary. Scary movies. Scary stories. Haunted houses. If there was a chance that "blood has been spilled this night" (a dozen nerd points to the people who get that reference) I was there. I can't say for certain why. I was/am a very happy bubbly person. I never went through a goth phase or any such equivalent; nor did I find small mammals to dismember in the backyard. I just enjoyed some good old fashion horror.  I read goosebumps avidly and even read those 13 ghosts of insert state name here books. I was never frightened of the materials either....with the exception of the Leprechaun. To this day I have not seen this movie in its entirety even though I love me some Jennifer Aniston. Notice how it is the only reference not linked, yeah, won't even look at stills; it just creeps me out.

I think after a while I went on a search to find something that would really terrify me. But, the problem with that is once you start watching too many scary movies, you start to see the tropes, the recurring theme in all. The cliche. Protagonist always trips up while running from antagonist. Protagonist of color dies early. Protagonist runs upstairs for some inexplicable reason, as if exists are located on upper floors, jump scare after jump scare after jump scare, etc.  So scary movies, for me, blended into the same category as say going to see Will Ferrell's latest movie. Then I discovered zombies.

I'm not sure which film was actually the clincher. I think I'd watched some, had to have with the amount of television and movies I'd viewed over time, but I'm not really sure when I discovered that this was the one antagonist that in its purest form, without me jazzing it up with my imagination, I truly had a fear of.  If I had to take a guess I'd say it was after I watched the steroid induced take on the genre that was the aforementioned Dawn of the Dead remake. I recall having some vivid dreams about being chased by zombies and getting pinned down somewhere with survivors.

In any case, I found my horror movie monster and it was like meeting my soul mate. Kudos to myself for picking a classic monster btw, Jigsaw and Jason can suck it! (jk if you guys are real and reading this blog ^-^) When I like something I tend to obsess over it for a time and ingest every bit of information I can get about it until I'm satisfied that I've had enough then I move on to another obsession....Maybe my thing with zombies isn't as complicated as I think it is...

I grew out of my love for horror films, they just became too predictable and boring and infuriating for the most part. However, I've never truly moved on from zombies. I don't know why but it/they've become one of those indelible marks on my life that just won't disappear no matter what I shovel on top of it (<<Ha! Get it? Cause zombies...rise...from the, nevermind)

So, in conjunction with my previous post on resuming the habit of writing and this post; I present to you my very few, but wonderful readers, my love letter to your reincarnated shambling corpses...pending apocalypse of course. =)


Horde: A Walker's Manifesto
Insatiable. Want. Want. Want. Need. Need. Insatiable.
It hurts to stop. Hurts to move.
But we/it/they/I move. And it is pain to move, but she/me/he/moves.
One and none together, move together. Move and hurt and thirst and hunger together alone.
Ravenous, I/her/him move. Need. Want. Want. Need. Now. Now. Now. Ravenous.
Insatiable. Unsated. Just a little. Stop the pain. Fill up the rift. Just a little.
Fill up the gap.
Just a little. Mend up the...
Fix the...
It is missing. Unsated It misses. It misses. He/she/I misses the It.
In the gap.
It goes in the gap.
Just a little.
Just a little goes in the gap.
In the gap. Missing It.
Just a little.
Just a little. Just a little..
In the gap just a little more.
And more.
And more.
Just a little more and more. In the gap.
No more. All.
All in the gap.
Insatiable. Ravenous. Missing It.
Noise! Noise! Noise! Where?
There! There! Hear the It! Hear the It! The Missing It!
Her/his/my/our It. Our It. Hear it! Find It. Put It in the gap.
It goes in the gap.
Just a little for the gap. Just a little.
Just a little and a little more and more.
Find It. Our missing It. Our missing It. Together alone.
No more. All.
All in the gap. All in the gap. Into the missing the noise goes.
Here's the noise. Here.
The It is in the noise. The noise has the it.
We must need. Must want.
Give us/her/him/me the it. Me. Me! ME! Give ME the IT!
Take It from the noise. The noise has It. Take It.
Bite It. Rip It. Tear It. Gnaw It from the noise.
Not just a little.
They/she/he want. Mine. Take It. Devour It. Fill the gap. The deep gap with noise's It...

Insatiable. Want. Want. Want. Need. Need. No more noise
All of It gone. Gone.
Another me/he/she/they.Together Alone.
Together Alone...
More. More. More.
It hurts to move.
We move.


  1. ...*stands up*....*starts the slow clap*

    Also, I am/not following you. Bloggers fault so I am, but also not.

    1. What I read was: I am not following you. Completely ignored the slash and I was like well thanks for the not support. But then the rest clicked in and I was okay. So now I can say, thank you for the 80s and 90s slow clap. Some things should never go out of style. =)