Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye....

I'm a loyalist. Sometimes when there is something I really love I will keep it for a long time, past its evolution date. I've never not been in possession of something Nintendo related, and though they are by far not the most famous of brands, I've always had a Nokia cellphone (I also love samsung, they take a licking and keep on ticking) So it's hard for me to abandon certain things.

Sometimes I will give a good commitment to something as a trial run, but at a certain point, I'll realize that it wasn't really for me. Which is where I find myself now with blogger. I'd been campaigning to get a little traffic and readership over here at blogger, to poor results.  Not that I'm writing a blog solely so that people see it, I know the odds are that my blog won't become one of the well known ones like Perez Hilton or whatever, but writing this blog is just one cobblestone on the road I'm paving for myself to become an author so I have to put my all into it.

And if I'm putting my all into it, I need for to give me its maximum yield, and I'm just not getting that with blogger. The site makes it so difficult to just browse blogs, especially if you have a google+ profile rather than a blogger profile, because the only way to browse other blogs is to find them via your or someone's interest and preferences section.  There's no search, no home page, no feed, nothing. So not only do I have to slog through all of the abandoned and ill written and uninteresting blogs (via the author's profile btw, because goodness forbid I get to see the blog in a category or preview page) just to find something that I might want to give some time and readership to; but, my own blog is buried beneath this pile as well.

I'm not saying that I think my blog warrants some kind of special attention over any others, I'm sure it has proven to be quite uninteresting to some of the traffic my campaigns have brought in; but it at least deserves a chance to be seen on its own host site. Come On! Not only that, but it's so proprietary. If you don't have a gmail account, you can't even get into the site. It was a good thing I was planning on creating a blog anyway and happened to have gmail accounts, because I would never have been able to come to the site without already knowing a blog url to follow.

So I'm leaving you blogger. I wanted to stick around and give it a few months to see if things picked up. One day I was telling my friend about my temptation to play with WordPress because it looked like it was socially more interactive than blogger. She has a blog as well and she told me that you have to pay to do WordPress. Me being el cheapo, I immediately said screw that and started looking up more ways to promote my blog. Then, not but a few hours later, she texts me saying she made a WordPress blog....What?! Apparently there is a free option that no one really cares about because it is almost completely uncustomizable. You can't even change the font without paying for a 20 dollar upgrade. It's crazy.

She confirmed my hypothesis that indeed there was more socialization and random foot traffic over there, and after posting her first post she'd received a couple of followers and some likes. It took me days just to get a couple of page views on blogger and I only ever received one random comment: Shout out to Kijana Ania if she still visits this page; and one random follower: Yes it is Jon Hartley! My other two "followers" were both the same friend via her personal blog profile and her writer's profile.

So she suggested I just do both if I didn't want to abandon all of the work I'd put into blogger, sort of as an experiment....So of course I just went full tilt and transferred the entire blog over to WordPress, naturally, and within a day or two I'd gotten twice as many followers and a lot of likes, for an unknown blog written by me. I linked back to Buffering on the off chance anyone wanted to view it in its original home and see what I'd deleted for context purposes, like an origin story of sorts. And that only increased the page views to a little more than what they had been previously.

I changed the title of the blog because, it's something new and ....Buffering was a labor of love that was its own entity for me. So blogger I leave you with this Dear John letter, and let you know that I have really enjoyed the outlet you have given me, and the customization you supply so freely, WordPress will never treat me as lovely or as gently as you did, but I need perspective and I can't get that here. I felt it would be wrong to leave without saying a word or just write two sentences with a link to the new blog. That's like kicking in your girlfriend's door, telling her you want to see other people, then inviting the other person into her house to make a sandwich. Shit's rude dude.

So....I'm just going to get some water, which is a little less intrusive. Come read my blog over at WordPress, called Word Major Woes.  It will be updated weekly like this blog, and if you're feeling exceptionally lonesome for my company, you can hop on over to my meager twitter page @_JR_Henry or follow me via my google+ account located in the side bar over yonder>>>

I'm pretty sure I just told you it's you not me, but we can still be friends....

Your Jerky Ex,

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